Friday, November 7, 2008

A brief conversation

My friend: Why is it that ANY time an actress/celebrity gains a tiny bit of weight everyone thinks she's pregnant?

Me: Because that's the only socially acceptable excuse for gaining weight.

My friend: Oy.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hateful, stupid bigots

I am utterly disgusted that Prop 8 passed in California.

Look, you wack-jobs, keep your religion to yourselves. You are free to practice your religion. When you force others to follow YOUR version of morality, you are infringing on their freedom of religion.

But, really, I want to address the, "OH GROSS" crowd here more than anything.

Does the idea of two men being in a relationship disgust you? Or two women? Well, you know what? GROW UP AND GET OVER IT. You probably don't want to be reminded that your parents had sex, or your grandparents, but when you look in the mirror at the living proof, you manage to keep THAT information from whirling through your dirty little mind, right? So work on your perceptions a bit so you don't have to imagine things that disturb you.

Additionally, I believe that part of the REASON such things disgust you is because you are wired such that you prefer the opposite sex. And that's okay! You know what? Gay people are often grossed out by the idea of heterosexuals doing it! That's right, what YOU do in bed is repulsive to THEM. You know what they do about it? They don't think about it, and try to avoid situations where they would have to see it (by staying out of your bedrooms! Imagine that! Wouldn't it be cool if you could do the same for them?).

The "sick" people aren't the gay ones. They are the immature brats who squall and wail when asked to share something that they won't even have to give up. "WAAAAH Timmy's wearing red and I should be the only one to wear red NO FAIR WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

Grow up, you babies.