Sunday, November 11, 2007


I haven't been posting lately. Instead of staying inside with the blinds down like a good little fatty, sparing the fragile eyesight of fat-haters, I've been BUSY!

I have been volunteering with a local cat rescue. I participated in their craft fair ("Holiday Furry Frenzy"! Cute!) and have been fostering kittens. Kittens have attracted guests, so I've entertained company many days this past week, spending a lot of time cooking, making tea, baking things for guests to have with tea, and enjoying life (how dare I).

I also had seven more snakes land in my lap this weekend. Long story, to be told later, with pictures.

But, the best reason for this post is, KITTENS! Kittens are good for the soul. They're entertaining, endearing, warm, purry, furry, appreciative of love, and, most of all, in need of help. I was more than happy to open my home to these fuzzy, cute passers-through, and they have provided many photo ops! So, onward with the pictures!

Ptera with her extra toeses:


Ptera on her back

Charlotte, fluffy and cuuuute and sweet as pie:

(she's such a little princess)

Anya on top of Charlotte; Charlotte tends to let everybody pile on. Anya doesn't have many pics because she is the super active one, and she is a blur most of the time:
Charlotte and Anya

My beautiful, wonderful, cat-loving, sweet, cuddly, uber-hawt husband with all three:
Brian and the kittens

A man who loves cats is a man worth keeping.


nukkingphutz said...

ITA about the husband thing. Definitely gotta keep a man that loves teh kittehs!

And I have to say - because my 10 y.o. asked me to - that teh kittehs are cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!! :D

Rachel said...

My mom told me I'd never find a husband men don't like cats and I had 5 at the time (cause, you know, finding a man is every woman's life goal). I knew my husband was a keeper when I found out his mom is also a crazy cat lady, even crazier than I, and that he loves cats. I just wished he liked dogs, too. Like, say, a golden retreiver.

vesta44 said...

Teh kittehs are soooo cute! And I have to agree about men who like cats. That was one of the first questions I asked DH when we met, "Do you like cats?" He had two, one of whom sleeps on his pillow every night (the other one comes down and wants his petting, then sleeps wherever).

cynth said...

Very cute! I love the extra toe action on the white one.

shutterbug74 said...

AACK! It's too much cuteness in one post. Really.

Andee said...

I am going to DIE from all those pink jellybean toesies. And now I really want an orange one too. (But I'm sticking to my three-cat limit, I have a hard enough time giving the little furprinces all the attention they demand.)

Andee (Meowser)