Tuesday, June 10, 2008

News tidbits

Hey y'all, I am going to continue the "Fat is a symptom" series soon; I went through a few days of not feeling too great after hauling up the AC from the basement. Apparently, this person who could carry 120lbs without thinking about it much has a problem now with 50lbs. I CAN do it, but I pay for it later.

I knew that it might flatten me, but I was really getting sick from the heat, so I figured some muscle soreness would be better than nausea and dehydration. I am quite happy with my decision.

Our kitty situation is pretty good. We had Cyrene and her three kittens; the kittens are all adopted, and we're just waiting for room to open up at the adoption center for Cyrene. She is beautiful and very loving to people. Unfortunately, we've got a lot of cats at the center right now that really don't like other cats. Since one of them, Silver, looks like Cyrene, we are waiting until he is adopted before we stick her in the center.

Silver, by the way, is one hell of a great cat. When I was staffing the adoption clinic last week, he climbed up into my arms, wrapped his front legs around my neck in a hug, and proceeded to lick and nibble my earlobes. The other volunteer told us to get a room! He purred so loudly that it tickled my neck. He is beautiful, cuddly, and would definitely have come home with me that night if we didn't have any cats at home!

We also have Ziggy as a foster; she is a mama that raised her own kittens, then nursed someone else's, and came here to dry out. We're one of the very few foster homes willing to take in adult cats, so we were happy to give Ziggy some space.

Other than that, I've been reading a lot, trying to stay cool, and spending time with my wonderful spouse. I'd love to hear what you folks have been up to, and how you've been keeping cool, if you're in a place that's suffering a heat wave like we are here!


JeanC said...

No problems keeping cool out here in North Idaho, it was snowing this morning :P Supposed to get into the 70s this weekend, so I am looking forward to that. I need to go fishing or else I may go nuts.

I'll try and send some of this cold weather your way.

Monica said...

It's COLD in Seattle! What were you doing hauling an A/C unit anyway? Wait for your hubby for such heavy lifting! He's thin, but wiry. :-)

Anonymous said...

Awww, kitty hugs are the best thing! I have a cat named Simba who always is willing to give me a kitty hug and snuggle.

Charlotte said...

Right now, it's been nothing but torrential downpours where I'm at. The Midwest has been getting soaked this week; fortunately, we (I live in Missouri) haven't had the flooding that's occuring in Iowa. If you want, I can send some rain to cool you off! :)

Anonymous said...

hi there! i wrote a blog about FA for a change so I thought I'd drop by and issue an invitation. it's about OA and FA and my dreams of their being reconciled with one another :)

hope you're well, come back soon.