Friday, April 27, 2007

A few notes about Fibromyalgia

I received a comment asking for me to post some links about the neurological research into fibromyalgia. The Fibro Research blog does it better than I ever could:

Some highlights:
- Fibro sufferers treated for cervical myelopathy (a spine problem) had a reduction in fibro symptoms after the treatment (surgery).

- Fibro patients appear to have accelerated loss of gray matter (the type of loss generally associated with age)

- Post-traumatic stress disorder affects the way the brain processes pain

- Patients with fibromyalgia have significantly reduced dopamine synthesis in multiple brain regions

- In a French study, "Fibromyalgia patients...had significantly increased blood flow in regions of the brain known to be involved in the sensory dimension of pain processing, and significantly decreased blood flow in 'areas assumed to be associated with the affective-attentional dimension.'"

- In another study, "patients with chronic low back pain had 'microstructural changes in their brains.'"

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