Tuesday, June 12, 2007


My husband and I found a house that we love, and our bid was accepted today! While the house itself was perfect and beyond, the gardens were a real charmer for me. I have felt so stifled living in apartments; I grew up in the country, and we always had something growing. There's even an apple orchard at mom and dad's place--it's small, but it's got mature trees that are almost as old as I am!

Gardening is a true love for me. I am awful at growing houseplants; I have doomed more plants to death by trying my hand more often that I should have at keeping them indoors. Gardens, however, seem to be easy for me. I also have some hydroponic skills; it was like second nature when I took horticulture classes in college.

Brian's planning out his woodworking space, while I'm dreaming up flowerbeds! Wish us luck on the closing bit.

In other unrelated news, I fiddled with the layout a bit--I put a new title on the blog, and added an appropriate photo of myself. Enjoy!

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shutterbug74 said...

I am soooo excited that you're getting a house!!!