Saturday, June 16, 2007

Our children IS learning...

Boys Are Quick to Master No-Dish Meals

Kid #1: ... So then I took a waffle and I filled it with eggs and grits and syrup, and I folded the whole thing up and ate it like a taco...
Kid #2: What? You're going to catch diabetes that way!
Kid #3: What are grits, anyway? What do grits taste like?
Kid #1: Syrup. They taste like syrup.

--Canarsie-bound L train

via Overheard in New York, Jun 14, 2007

I could go on about these kids having a fear of food indoctrinated in them. I could point out that they're not even talking about the usual "bad" sugary foods--they're worried about normal breakfast foods being filled with "diabetes" that can be "caught" like a plague. I could wonder what Kid #2 had for breakfast that day--was it half a banana, an ounce of skim milk, and a diet pill?

I think, however, I'm just going to leave the speculation up to others; I'm too disgusted.

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