Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ebay stuff

I have two ebay sales up right now. Both are photographs I have taken, and they're matted and ready to frame, in sizes that are standard, so you can just buy a frame off the shelf.

I am having a hard time making ends meet right now (one job interviewer actually told me I was too fat for the SALES job he was offering), so if you could just take a look and decide whether or not they're something you'd enjoy, I'd appreciate it.

Both photos are of rare fish from Australia that do not get imported very often. They usually range between $700-1500 retail. I snapped these two at my next-to-last workplace; I was responsible for learning how to care for the fish and making sure they didn't die. They were $500 wholesale, and the price tag on them was $1500 because that's what the wholesaler recommended.

The first one is a barred boxfish; the photo is 8x10, but it's double-matted to fit into a 12x26 frame.

The second one is a western blue devil, in a 5x7 photo double-matted to 11x14.

Both of the above items sold today. Here are a few more:
Blueberries photo. - SOLD!

King cobra photo

Blue-breasted roller photo

Radish photo

Thank you for looking.

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