Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Keep your laws off my adipose tissue!

So, let's imagine for a moment that abortion has been made illegal in our country.

Not only can you not get a legal abortion in a nice safe clinic, there are a number of items put in place to make sure nobody's inducing abortion, including:

- Every toilet is fitted with a sensor to detect pregnancy. If you test positive, you are directed to receive prenatal counseling. If you're determined to be an abortion risk, you'll be put into a pregnancy protection program, which can be as simple as having to check in with an officer every day, or, if you're determined to be a serious risk, you're put into a high security facility where you are watched 24 hours a day.

- If you have a miscarriage, you must submit to questioning and tests to make sure it was not actually self-induced. If you are determined to be at fault, but it wasn't intentional, then you are charged with negligent manslaughter. If you did it on purpose, you're charged with homicide.

- If you are a woman of childbearing age, you MUST take folic acid. Your blood levels will be checked periodically, and if you have not been taking your folic acid, you will be put into counseling to teach you how important it is for you to take it.

- Likewise, women of childbearing age will be periodically tested for chemicals that are potentially damaging to fetuses, including cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol. If you are found with any of these in your bloodstream, you will be charged with assault, because you never know if you MIGHT be pregnant. Those who are not pregnant and found with these chemicals will be sent to a boot camp to re-orient them to the necessity of protecting the health of potential fetuses. Those who ARE pregnant will be put into a facility until their infant is born.


This sounds completely ridiculous, right? Totally awful.

So why are we so protective of our own bodies in this respect, yet so many are perfectly willing to hand fat people over to the government for punishment and what amounts to torture? Especially when those recommending such things blatantly admit that they're not using science as a basis for wanting to do this to people?

Some key items:

- electronic ‘fat quota’ ration cards may keep a closer eye on obese people’s food purchases and ration specific items; it could even be used to identify overweight teenagers that should attend government-run summer fitness camps...

- supermarkets, responding to government regulations similar to those on cigarettes and alcohol, arbitrate on which customers can buy high fat foods...

- children’s BMIs measured annually at school, results sent home in confidence to their parents, with lifestyle advice, follow-up checks and referral to more specialised services...

Are you kidding me? Have people really been so thoroughly brainwashed that they believe it's okay to do this to human beings? "Control of my body" means control of ALL of it, not just my uterus. Having a bunch of smug, skinny people telling me how to run my fat body is the same as having a bunch of old men trying to tell women how to run their reproductive organs.


Harpy said...

Once I thought I wanted to live in the UK. Now I'm not sure I even want to go there for a holiday.

The history of fascism and support of such (overt or not) in England is an, er, interesting one. Fat people are its latest victims.

Anonymous said...

You rock! Yeah, it's like what the Nazis attempted to do Jews. Except without all the hassle of orchestrating trains, and building camps.