Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Blogroll

I've added a few folks to my blogroll (and, you should check out Big Fat Delicious, because she's logical, funny, and neat). I am somewhat forgetful these days, so if you want to be added, drop me a comment here so I can do so. I often mean to add people, but get distracted. You know what it's like; I can't look up from my trough of Big Macs long enough to get ANYthing done...oh wait; I don't actually eat those. Er, well, it's usually more like getting my attention directed toward the utter cuteness of this:
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Now, you tell me, how can I get ANYthing done with that in my house?!

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vesta44 said...

It's nearly impossible to get anything done when you have a kitteh in the house (we have 2, one of them likes to sleep on my husband's computer desk). And thanks for adding my blog to your blogroll. Can we say mutual admiration society here?