Saturday, September 29, 2007

They're getting more shrill every day!

Aww, poor widdle diet industry, are the mean, nasty Americans finally figuring out that you're peddling snake oil? How dare they! You just aren't shaming them enough! After all, there are only 113 comments on this story, most of which are spewing the same tired b.s. rhetoric that you've beaten into the public's tiny little minds. I guess you'll have to fund some more bullshit "studies"!

But wait! Shaming and fearmongering isn't doing it anymore! What are you going to do when people stop buying your crappy supplements? What's going to happen when they figure out that paying you for services that have a 98% failure rate amounts to fraud? I can't wait to see what kind of imaginative horror you try to scare people with in order to bilk them out of more of their money.

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