Friday, February 1, 2008

Calvin has been adopted!

This is the shortest time I've ever had a foster!

A fellow volunteer called to ask if she could bring a friend by to meet Calvin. When I put him in her arms, he was Mr. Personality--curious, purring, and calm. He looked around at everything, including gazing up at her face. How could she resist? She decided right then and there to adopt him, so she and volunteer friend took him and his papers to the adoption center to get an application filled out and pay the fee (the adoption clinic runs from 6-8 tonight, which gave them time to do that, and it's less than 10 minutes from here).

I am really proud of how quickly he adjusted to human contact, going from feral to cuddler in very little time. He wasn't pissy like Owl was; once Calvin adjusted, he didn't growl or hiss at all, while Owl would growl and hiss every time we approached, then purr once we picked him up or touched him.

So, congratulations to Calvin on his new home, and I wish him a long, happy life! Hooray!


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carrie said...

That's fabulous! I am always grateful to foster parents like you because my kitty was a foster before I adopted her.

Good luck to you, Calvin!