Friday, February 8, 2008

News: What's up with me lately

First, I know I asked y'all to give me your blog links, and I still haven't updated the blogroll yet. I WILL get to it, I pinky swear! I've been a combination of busy and not feeling great, with a skewed sleep cycle, but it's in my mind. Meanwhile, if you haven't given me your info yet, feel free to do so in a comment on this post so I can add you.

Next, We have a new foster. Calvin's brother Clarence has come to stay with us. Clarence seems like he's going to be a harder nut to crack; very shy, but not mean. We got him last night, so we haven't had time to work with him very much yet.

More foster news: Owl will be coming back to us tomorrow (Saturday) at noon. His new family wasn't a good fit for him, and he isn't happy there. He will stay with us for as long as necessary to find the right home.

Finally, I wanted to thank those who sent donations. Every bit helps, and I appreciate it so much. I have a button up on the left hand side of the blog if anyone else would like to donate. If you'd like to purchase something instead, my Etsy shop contains photographs, mostly of animals.

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Carol said...

Nothing to necessarily do with this post, but I wonder if I'm the only one who had to look up nullipara?