Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Meow! Fabulous Foster News!

Our foster kittens Chloe and Clarence were adopted on Saturday by a wonderful family! The two siblings were much happier together than they were apart, so I am so glad that they were adopted together. Clarence, who was painfully shy, actually came out of his shell more by watching more-confident Chloe interact with us. We brought them to the adoption clinic at noon on Saturday, and when we were on our way out (after shopping for some items), we noticed some folks cuddling the two of them. Being nosy about my little darlings' future, Brian and I went over to talk about the sweet babies.

The folks were dealing with a terminally ill cat, and they weren't sure if it was right to bring home kittens yet. We related our experience with Teya in December. We were fostering Ollie, Kukla, and Fran at that time, and Ollie and Fran actually curled up with and gave comfort to Teya when she was ill and in pain. They knew she was dying before we did. She was normally a bit short with kittens, but they made her feel better with their love and purrs. The family was glad to know that it wasn't disrespectful to adopt the little ones at that time, and Clarence, who never liked being held, was cuddled right up in the woman's arms like he never had a problem with it. Meant to be.

So now we have Isaac, an adult male tabby who was one of eleven cats living in a warehouse. An elderly gentleman was feeding and looking after the little colony, but he recently passed away. The property owners enlisted the rescue in helping to get the cats vetted and rehomed, and I was one of the few foster parents willing to take in adult cats. Isaac is an intact male, so the room is pretty musky (and he is good about the litter box), so I can't wait for his neuter appointment, which is tomorrow.

Isaac's petfinder page is here.

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