Sunday, March 2, 2008

Four foster kitties at once!

We picked up three fosters this weekend, making our total fosters in house four, as we'd picked up a girl earlier in the week. We've had as many as six before, but all six of those were young kittens, while these are all adults. The new ones are all boys, and all from the warehouse situation where we got Isaac. The female is a stray that was trapped in our neighborhood by a kindly older woman; I happened to be the volunteer that was willing to take in an adult cat at the time, and the location (four blocks away) was simply a bonus, especially in the snowstorm we were having at that time!

Salvador, who is a tiny guy, very underweight; his growth seems stunted:

Leonardo, who is very regal, quiet, and sweet. Docile as can be:

Ansel, who's friendly, but fought like a demon when getting his claws trimmed. He forgives us, but is a little wary yet because of it:

Ansel again:

And the three of them (left to right - Leonardo, Ansel, Salvador):
Leonardo, Ansel, and Salvador
Salvador is very goofy and friendly; he tries to run out the door at every opportunity, and will roll around ecstatically while being touched. He seems to have sexually matured, but he weighs a little over three pounds. His feet are also very oddly shaped. I am going to have the APF vet, Julie, tell me if she sees any developmental problems with him. She's also going to have to give me an age estimate on everybody, including Pretty Lady, the girl we picked up earlier this week:
Pretty Lady
Her white parts were BROWN; I had to give her a bath when we got her, and her rinse water was brown and gritty, poor baby. She was super docile for her bath, and for pretty much everything we had to do to her (Advantage, worming, vaccination). She loves people and is a HUGE flirt.


Maria said...

holy moly, its cat city in that house! Tell me, what does it take to be a cat foster carer? it seems like a really wonderful thing to do - though i think i would miss the cats as they go, and would be inclined to keep one or two. or three.

RioIriri said...

You have to have at least one separate room for them to be isolated in, the time to care for them, the patience to work with the difficult ones, and the ability to let go.

That last part is the toughest. We kept two from our first litter, but we've done very well at maintaining our boundaries since then.