Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Kitty Love

I took a ton of photos today at the adoption clinic. I wanted to have photos that really captured the cats' personalities for the petfinder page. I know some of these aren't my best work, but I was trying to be quick, and while I was in the middle of it, some people came in and crowded me out of the room for a while so they could put a ridiculous collar on Trump that looked like a tie, and take pictures of him. He was uncooperative, because he has some dignity.

Jeeves is a fairly serious cat:


Plum is sweet and playful:

Rosa is dignified and calm:


Karma is a bitch (not kidding):

Trump is VERY sweet and innocent. He's gentle and cuddly--he is declawed on all four paws, and was picked up as a STRAY. He deserves better than that:



Rachel said...

Too cute! I love kitties :)

Premee said...

Poor Trump! I feel so bad for declawed cats. :-(

Great pictures!

Vol de Nuit said...

That "Karma is a bitch" comment made my evening. Thanks.

miep said...

oh! the sweet kitties! I'm sure your awesome photos will help them find their new homes. I love my kitties so, and I can't imagine anyone not wanting more!

we've capped the kitty love at 4, though. 4 is enough kitties for us. mostly because we are mildly allergic. :)

Rachel said...

My brother is allergic to cats and I am so glad I didn't inherit the allergy, too. We have five cats, four of whom are rescues. I would probably have a whole shelter though if my husband didn't put his foot down.

Andee said...

"Karma is a bitch." Spit-take of the day, nicely done Rio! (Was she named that on purpose?)

And how barbaric do people have to be to rip ALL of a cat's nails out and then turn him loose in the street? He's lucky he survived!

Andee (Meowser)

RioIriri said...

I'm sorry to say that Karma has an attitude! She likes to climb to a high place in the room at the adoption center, then gets really mad when she's picked up. She also growled swatted at me a couple of times when I tried to take her out of her cage for photos. So that's why everyone else gets nice backdrops and cute poses, while she's in the stupid cage with Petsmart products in the background!

shutterbug74 said...

Oh noes! They are all so cute!

k said...

what cuties!!! Bless your heart for taking care of them.