Sunday, July 29, 2007

Discrimination against black cats

When we adopted our Dom, Purrfect Companions had this article printed out and posted:
Did you know that black cats have the lowest adoption rate and the highest euthanasia rate?

Whether because of superstition, prejudice, or simply because they blend into the shadows in the back of the cage, black cats are statistically less likely to be adopted than more brightly colored felines.

Most often ignored by many rescues because they are so hard to place, these cats are left waiting in pounds and shelters with hopes of finding a loving home, only to be destroyed once their time is up. Rescues are reluctant to take in black kittens, worried that they will not be placed before they reach adulthood. Once they are over 1yr of age, they are usually left waiting and waiting, taking up much needed foster space etc. Many wait for several months even years.

Many adopters prefer the flashier, more colorful cats, and often overlook these regal looking beauties.

I was stunned by this. Absolutely stunned. I had no idea, and I just wanted to cry. They had several black cats there in cages, including Dom. Most of them were either snoozing or being affectionate through the cage bars. Dom, however, was sitting upright in the exact center of his cage, with an expression on his face that said, "Well, this sucks. I do NOT deserve this."

Indeed he did not, and I could not resist the attitude he exhibited. While he is a rotten little brat, I have never regretted taking him home with us. He's funny, smart, affectionate, and sweet. I love him to bits.


Ruth said...

This makes me so sad and angry. Some of my favorite kitties have been black ones, and I've always treated them the same (or better sometimes!) than their colorful counterparts. But that may just be because I like the color black and don't apologize for it, heh.

(And your kitty pics are so cute!)

RioIriri said...

I know, I was really stunned by that. I grew up with a long-haired black cat; she lived to be about 20 years old. She came into my grandmother's household when I was a toddler, and I learned to be nice to kitties from her and her teeth!

We have two black cats in this household. Dom's the cat in the picture, and Teya is my husband's 9-year-old girl. The other two are gray cats. :)

JeanC said...

I can never understand why people hate black cats, they are such pretty kitties. We brought home our new baby yesterday, we hadn't planned on a new kitten, but when hubby and I saw the listing on freecycle for a home for a kitten, we melted and answered.

She is SOOO adorable. The rest of the clan aren't happy, but they will come around eventually. They usually do.

No name for her yet, she's only 6 weeks old, so she doesn't know it yet.

I read an article somewhere about a person who worked for a shelter who named all the black cats "Jellybean" and the adoption rate for the black cats went thru the roof. I'll have to see if I can find that story again.

Andee said...

My Zevon is a big handsome purrbucket fella in licorice jammies who I wouldn't trade for the world. I wonder what the adoption rate is on white-and-black "cow cats" or black-and-white "tuxedo cats," I have one of each of those too.

And your black kitty is gawjus too!

(BTW, I am AKA Meowser. My Blogger account points to my Mets blog.)

RioIriri said...

It's nice to see you here :)

We have two black cats and two grey tabbies (one's an ocicat, but that's a long story).

I'm not sure what the tuxedo adoption rate is, either, but I'll say that I don't see as many of them as pets as I do other colors.

Rachele said...

That is so sad! What the hell is wrong with people and finding things wrong that aren't wrong? It infuriates me...
I have a black cat mixed with siamese, and she is quirky and affectionate and I love her! Watch a video of her here:
Her name is Wednesday Addams :)

RioIriri said...

She is beautiful! She looks like she has really thick fur. I didn't know that strawberries had an effect on cats--is she unique, or should I try this on our little monsters?

AlienRoxi said...

It is very sad that black cats are so overlooked. I had a deaf, longhaird black cat (Sappfire) who had other neurological problems as well, and she was the sweetest little purrbox ever! She has taught me to have a soft spot in my heart for special needs animals as well as black cats. I got Sappfire when I was in second grade, my mom wanted me to have a friend because I was so lonely and depressed. She brightened my life so much! Sappie only lived to be seven years old, but the time she spent with me was so wonderful. She brought nothing but good luck and buckets full of love into my life! Right now I have a cinnimon colored Ocicat (who's also wonderful and a brilliant cat), but I'm going to be allowed to adopt another cat as my graduation gift at the end of this school year, and I'm going to get another black beauty!

RioIriri said...

My Aakhu is an ocicat! He's "flawed" in that he doesn't have spots, due to his mother being about 75% Abyssinian, but he's beautifully silver-ticked.

We have two black cats in this household, and we just love them to bits.

Roxi said...

Really? That's neat. Ocicats are great, aren't they?

pianogirl said...

We adopted our black, golden-eyed beauty from Purrfect Companions almost a year ago. He is gorgeous, intelligent, and so lovable. Everyone who comes to our house tells us how lucky we are to have gotten such a wonderful cat. We know he loves us as much as we love him!

I'd never hesitate one minute in bringing another black kitty into our home. It's been a great experience.

rebel924 said...

People are just so lost, to discriminate against a cat because of the color of his/her fur is insane. I actually feel bad for those people, they really are sick. I adopted 2 black cats from a shelter about 5 months ago, totally unaware of the stigma. They are the 2 best cats in the world. They are smart, affectionate, and drop dead gorgeous! After reading this blog, I am even more thankful that I got these 2 cats, and not some psycho.

cat lady said...

I have 2 black cats and 1 female orange afghan. Guess who gets petted the most in our neighbourhood? The other 2 get chased off the lawns with brooms. I'm currently writing a book about a friendly lovable black cat, and my neighbours will get the first free signed copies.

Yours in felinity, the cat lady

kim said...

Oh wow. this makes me upset and angry at the same time. Just today, my sister opened the garage door adn a black stray cat walked into our house. I thought it was adorable and let her stay for a while, fed it, and suddenly she kind of became attatched to me. I think. well more like i've became attatched to her. She's very kind and gentle, And she's really fond of the kitchen chair where she slept on for like an hour. I told my mom about it, and she told me to get rid of it immediatly, especially if its a black cat. I was upset about it, but i had to let her go. After that, she's been comming back and standing near teh door waiting as if I;m it's owner and would open the door for her. But i wouldn;t. She would come from time to time waiting at the door. SO i set up a little inconspicious bed for her outside. She liked it and we played together. I'm really fond of her, but I havent given her a name yet. I don't intend to either. I plan on just calling her 'kitty'