Friday, July 6, 2007

Fat Hate Nation

I was really enjoying Fast Food Nation, until it started in on the fatphobia "omfg obeeeeeeeeeesity epidemic!!!!" bullshit, complete with the flawed statistics that the CDC ended up retracting (omg 300,000 people are KILLED by being fat every year! ... oh wait guys, we were kinda wrong on that, sorry, our bad).

He bought the obesity crap hook line and sinker, and I'm really disappointed in that part of the book. After all, he made REALLY good points right up TO that section, and even after it, but hey, gotta take a stab at the fatties! The E.coli and Salmonella spread by crappy (literally) meatpackers kill people, and that can be actually proven with real science, but you don't see THAT on the news. After all, little kids dying of bacterial infections don't give us a convenient target for hatred!

I want to take that section of the book and just black it out. I know that it's trendy to blather on about the obeeeeeeeeesity epidemic, but that doesn't mean it's accurate. I really would like to send the author a copy of Paul Campos' "The Diet Myth".

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