Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Support our troops

I'm sharing this story from a friend's blog. I can't even comment on how this made me feel, and I'm not usually one to be at a loss for words.

One of my friends, a female Iraq War vet, tried to commit suicide last night. She has PTSD so bad that she can't work ... hell, she can't even leave the house. She was hospitalized, for crying out loud ... where the group therapy docs tried to tell her she shouldn't be so angry and should be more of a lady. The men were allowed to be angry all over the place, though.

In a nutshell: since she's female, and women aren't in combat occupational specialties, she does not really have a war-related problem -- according to her VA disability report. She's only "moderately disabled" according to the VA shrink she *fired* ... who said that recovery was highly likely due to a course of treatment that my friend *never got.* Yet, it's in her records as having occurred.

This is what is happening to veterans of this war, people. Magnetic bumper stickers on cars don't do shit to support the soldiers. They come back broken in ways from which they will never recover ... and some of them get to the point where they can't deal with it anymore.

But our fucking moron of a president thinks we're "winning." All he's doing is destroying the lives of people whom he doesn't care about for his own insane ideas of "right" (which basically means he's the king).

This is *so* upsetting ... words fail me. Trust me, this is the short version of the story ... and I'm so frustrated for my friend, who lives half a country away from me (which makes it hard to just show up and let her know that I care).

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