Wednesday, July 25, 2007


One afternoon, I was driving home from my ex-job, and I decided to take an alternate route. I drove past a business that had an extremely disturbing name:
"Waist Away Women's Fitness Center"

It's a bad pun, and a worse implication. You might as well call it "Anorexia Enablers Women's Emaciation Station". What kind of sick mind thinks that a play on the phrase "waste away" is a positive thing? When have you EVER heard of wasting away to be anything but a sad, miserable thing to happen to anyone?

To me, this is more evidence that the "fitness" industry is really the "disordered eating" industry


La di Da said...

This is why I'm finding a new gym. I currently have a membership at a women-only gym that also sells a weight loss program (including meal-substitute shakes). I stopped going because I became increasingly uncomfortable with their constant advertising of the program around the gym and through mailouts. They even ran their own "biggest loser" competition and recently, the last straw, the mailout was about losing weight in a group with other women and becoming "beautiful spring butterflies". Like, WTF? Is this Weight Watchers circa 1973? So, screw that. I'm going elsewhere. I can't give my money to somewhere like that in good conscience.

JeanC said...

Another example of how women are supposed to hate their bodies and work on making the offending parts disappear. ICK!

At one point I was considering getting a Curves membership, but then found out the local Curves was all about making your body disappear and decided I wasn't going to give money to fat bigots.

I'll stick with trying to find something I like to do to get my exercise (once the weather gets back to being cool).