Friday, July 13, 2007

It's so clever and TRENDY to make fun of fatties!

I was reading some customer reviews of a book on that caught my interest.  I really get aggravated when people make really great points about a subject, then have to do the trendy thing and tie in "OMG OBEEEESITY" to add some juiciness to what they are saying.  ESPECIALLY when it's completely irrelevant.

Here's the review:
 Religion and Science Don't Mix
By  Abominable Abe
The author's points about embryonic stem cell research and creationism in the public schools are extremely important for anyone who embraces modernity and progress. While a handful of other authors attempt to feebly argue the ridiculous idea that modern science was produced by Christian thinking, Harris explains what should be obvious -- that religion is now, and has always been, a serious impediment to science. People who believe in talking donkeys, resurrections, and virgins appearing on grilled cheese sandwiches don't typically make good scientific rationalists.

But these very people are currently trying to force public schools to teach our children that their ancient creation myth -- a fantastic story for which there is only contradictory evidence -- is a good viable alternative to evolution, a well established scientific explanation of human development for which there is a mountain of supporting evidence. These same folks also wish to impede embryonic stem cell research, which could potentially result in cures and treatments for numerous human diseases and afflictions, simply because their prudery-inspired anti-abortion agenda has forced them into the absurd logical conclusion of contending that a 3-day-old blastocyst in a petrie dish is a full fledged person possessing the same rights as anyone reading this sentence.

Now, these religious opponents of progress will insist until they're blue in the face that they're not against science. But watching them make every attempt to stop the advance of very important science like stem cell research and evolution while at the same time insisting that they support "real science" is like watching an obese man deny that he has a weight problem while he dines on a bucket of fried chicken.

[bold/emphasis mine]
Oh yeah, us fatties, always dippin' into a bucket of fried chicken. You never see a fat person without their feed bag strapped on, chowing down on fried foods covered in mayonnaise, right?

I've been vegetarian for 23 years. There isn't much at a fast food restaurant that fits into my dietary choices; even the fries at McDonald's contain dead animal ingredients. I eat less than my tall, slender husband, and our diet would be generally considered "healthy" by the standards of those who abhor fat. This is not done out of an attempt to be healthy; it's because we really like fruits and vegetables, and because we have strong beliefs about the welfare of animals.

Even so, I remain fat, because fat is not about the food you eat, and I dare anyone who doubts this to eat the same amount I do for a month--I typically eat less than most people because I get full on very little food. Most slender people I know would be starving and miserable on my level of food intake.

But hey, I'd better put that bucket of dead bird down, because I can't admit that I have a problem!

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