Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cool Switchplates!

I ordered some switchplates a little while back to go in my foyer and downstairs bathroom. I finally received them a couple days ago; they are apparently made-to-order, but they are absolutely worth the wait. I wasn't sure what to expect, but the plates I received are high-quality, with screws painted to match the portion of the plate they screw into. The plates themselves are made of metal, with a decoupage technique used to put the image on them. You are able to order them in just about any configuration of outlet, slider switch, GFI, and flip switch, and if the configuration you need isn't present, they'll happily do custom work if you call. If you want switchplates, I very very highly recommend their products.

I purchased these items:
Dragonfly switchplate, one single and one double, for the foyer.

Cat in the bathtub, single, for downstairs bathroom light switch.

Cats in the toilet, single, for downstairs bathroom fan switch.

There are a LOT of really cute designs available, and I was tempted to get more than I did, but I shouldn't have even purchased these (we are way broke). And no, the company isn't paying me to write this; I was just so very happy with the products I received that I wanted to share their site with other people!

Edited to add: Their products are handmade in the USA, and they are a small company. That alone makes me happy to purchase from them. :)


cynth said...

Very nice! My daughter would love the dragon flies, it may end up under her tree.

Kat said...


The DH & DD are gone...I'm going to pop over & spend some dream/wish time at this site.

Thanks for sharing it.

Hekateris said...

You have made me a happy, happy homeowner.