Thursday, December 6, 2007


A rustling at the foot of the bed.

She appears, her eyes dark jewels in her white face. She's sturdy, tall, ahead of her siblings in size.


"Come here, then," I reply.


She wends her way across the landscape of blankets, her extra thumbs giving her feet a splayed, hand-like appearance. She's purring loudly, in the staccato way of kittens, a popping sound that will later mature into the deep, sighing rumble of adult cats.

She meets my hand with her cheek. She's marking me with her scent, but it also feels good to her. She delights as my fingers rub the scent gland areas in her face, on the temples, cheeks, and chin. She gets scooped up, nuzzled, and kissed. She looks up at me with her baby face, her big dark eyes, grateful for the affection.

Her gorgeous, fluffy sister clambers onto the bed, approaching me for gentle caresses. As I stroke her long, soft fur, I get a jealous "Meep!" from the little white face, the mouth opening to reveal tiny, pointed baby teeth surrounded by pinkness. I kiss the jealous one's nose, and get a softer "meep" that means, "That's right, your affection belongs to me. Good human."

Her sister doesn't mind; she stretches her long, slender body out and looks content while I stroke and nuzzle the possessive one. Satisfied, she curls up against her sister, giving me a very contented, barely audible "mip". The pair are purring together, fond of each others' company and of mine. The feeling is mutual.

The face that melts my heart:

Ptera's eye
What a beautiful color, no?


Maria said...

I dearly hope you manage to find some good parents for these kitties. stick to your standards no matter what, they deserve it.

<3 kittieeessss....

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. :)

Andee said...

I think I'm gonna cry.

I hope you get visiting privileges when they're adopted!

Andee (Meowser)