Friday, December 21, 2007

Keeping on keeping on

We're over a week out from our loss. I suppose we're doing okay. We've planned what to do with the bit of garden where she rests; it involves a planter of catnip (no way no how am I putting that crazy weed in the GROUND to take over my backyard), a small kitty statue, and a weeping cherry tree (if we can afford it).

We are extremely fortunate to have a house now, and doubly so that the gardens in back were wonderfully designed, if a bit neglected. We've got a beautiful, mature lilac that needs just a bit of pruning and guidance, some bridal wreath bushes, happily reproducing azaleas, a healthy stand of daylilies, and an established patch of purple coneflower. I have the basis for a gorgeous cottage garden back there, and I'm eager to get it going in the spring.

Planning her garden has been a positive step for us, but we also have adopted two of our first three foster kittens. Charlotte found a wonderful, loving home with Brian's coworker (so I get lots of pictures!), but Ptera and Anya have their forever home here with us.

Our other three fosters, Ollie, Kukla, and Fran, will be going to the adoption clinic tomorrow afternoon. I am going to miss them, but I wish them well. They are wonderful, loving kittens who adore people and other cats. Being with our older cats gave them important social lessons.

I also cannot be more grateful to Ollie and Fran, who knew better than we did that Teya was failing--in the days before she was hospitalized, they curled up on either side of her, purring. She normally wasn't one to tolerate such things, but she joined them in purr-making, and it was beautiful to see. Only in hindsight did we realize what the little ones were doing, and they have been thanked daily with lots of love and affection.

It has been amazing to both of us how fearless these six kittens were when faced with hostile adult cats who weren't pleased with the invasion of mini-cats. They wanted so badly to be accepted that they would try again later after having been rejected with a hiss or swat. Eventually, they won--our adult cats got accustomed to them, and they can be found playing and sleeping together in various combinations.

Kittens are good for the soul.


Andee said...

You get to keep Ptera and Anya! That must make you very happy. They are beautiful girls.

One of my furboys had an ultrasound of his heart this week. He has a very early, very mild problem that the vet thinks we should be able to stay on top of without too much trouble. But damn, was I ever worried before I brought him in there (because of a heart murmur). A day without purring is like a day without oxygen!

Andee (Meowser)

RioIriri said...

Oh Andee, I would have been such a wreck. I'm glad that you're going to be able to manage his problem.

For me, a life without cats just isn't worth living :)

Rachel said...

Hear, hear.

I finally had our youngest, the kitten, spayed a couple weeks ago. I purchased additional pain medication for her, but for two days she seemed very lethargic and miserable. I felt awful at having put her through the surgery, but it's for her best.

Luckily, she's now up and playing again with our fat orange cat. We often say that she's his kitten, not ours.

There's been times when my cats were the only thing that kept me going. I can't imagine life without them.

Kat said...

Lovely what you plan to do with your garden & lovely what you are doing with these little baby kittens.

Sending warm thoughts your way as you make your way through this time in your lives.

RioIriri said...

I'm glad your kitten's feeling better. Our rescue spays them very young (three pounds), which they recover from far more quickly than older kittens do. We've gone through it with both batches of fosters, and I was astounded at how quickly they bounced back. When I had Aakhu done at 6 months, he was groggy for a couple of days.

Thank you :)