Friday, December 21, 2007


My sister is awesome. She sent me a box of stuff from Cakes and Candies by Maryellen.

This is the company owned by her best friend, Maryellen, who also made my awesome purple wedding cake, which you can actually see on the page, sans the cake-topper, which was put on after the cake was transported here.

The chocolate she uses is absolutely delicious, and we also ended up with a batch of the best cookies ever. I've already noshed on a chocolate-covered pretzel that she rather innovatively covered in rice krispies. OH MAN. That was a good idea!

There's no way Brian and I could possibly eat all this chocolate, but we fortunately have frequent guests :)

I should have posted about this sooner, but the last week, well, you know. I apologize, sis and Mares.


JeanC said...



MMMMMMMMMM. So, how far away from North Idaho are you LOL


I LOVE the cake, it would have gone perfectly with my wedding dress LOL.

cynth said...

Oh that is nice! I wish I had a purple moustache right about now.