Saturday, May 26, 2007

Be glad for your rape! Fat girls should be grateful for any sex they get!

In defending a client accused of being part of a gang rape of young teenage girls, a barrister actually argued that one of the young victims may have been glad for the attention since she was fat.

The barrister said in her closing speech: “She was 12st 6lb - not quite the swan she may turn into. She may well have been glad of the attention."

P.S. That's 174lbs for us Americans. 1 stone = 14 pounds.

It's bad enough that we "ask for it" by wearing skirts, being polite to men, having an alcoholic drink, or possessing a vagina.

I don't know if the evidence (the real evidence, not the "omg they had on sexy clothes") is indicating that they did it or not, but I am hoping that they aren't let off just because the girls were dressed "provocatively" and were fat.


As a fat girl who's never had problems finding people who offer me nookie, I would like to create a pornographic movie of myself and my spouse and show it to people like this barrister. "Look, my husband does not have a disgusted or pained look on his face--he is enjoying what he is doing! He isn't doing this just for my pleasure, he's doing it for his own, too!"

Here we are; doesn't he just look disgusted and grossed out by my fatness?
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MayorSirWippet said...

It is inhumane and absolutely disgusting how a person in this day and age, could suggest a grotesque outcome, as your pathetic loser Barrister has made, funny thing is she's not exactly thin herself.
She's not only pathetic...but has demonstrated exactly the kind of shallow prejudice towards another human being that is completely Unlawful & Unacceptable, and is no different than any racist scum of waste who lives today.
You like everyone else on this freakin' planet are equal to each other, and yes your spouse looks as if he's in wonderland with a giant expression of happiness smeared from ear to ear...AND SO HE SHOULD!
You go Girl cos YOU GLOW together. I can also say from outside perspective and from someone who doesn't know either you or your spouse, I see what he can see in you.
I'm not highly religious but I can see both of you are at 1 with GOD, and that's all that will ever matter, as you if not already will come to realise, and don't let anyone tell you that you're too big for children, it's a falacy and has been proven wrong for centuries(...Only results matter.)
And besides all of the above, it is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN that Big people are not neccessarily Unhealthy, due to the FACT that it's what clogs your arteries that does the damage not how big you are(eg my family have always been underweight and have had more collesterol problems than anyone I've ever met...Shove that in your Barristers face and watch her squirm, I KNOW I WOULD!)
Always remember YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY WAY &...NO MEANS NO!!!(personally I think you're HHHOOOTTT!)
P.S. I am an Aussie, and Australia has it's ups and downs but for some reason generally apart from the usual crap in the media I've noticed that a huge prejudice movement is leaking from the Pathetic States Of Embarressment (USA) into the rest of the World. Australia & Great Brittain never have had these scummy hangups before, but we're starting to, especially the younger generations to the middle aged generations.
P.P.S. I hope you live to a ripe age in both your happiness and may your deepest LOVE for each other bring you divine spirit for the future evermore...So it shall be!

RioIriri said...

Thank you :) He is really an amazing person. I don't know what good karma thing I did to find him, but I am so glad I did.

By the way, I absolutely loved my visit to your country, and I'd have moved there in a second if they didn't require me to quarantine my cats :)