Thursday, May 10, 2007


I saw a wonderful quote from someone on today, with the username FarFarAway.

"As someone who has just recently won an 8 year long war with their doctors over whether or not I had hypothyroidism, I say fark all of the idiots out there who think that just because they don't have a problem, no one else is entitled to have one. You want to discount my health because you think you know what I do or don't do to maintain it? Screw you."

Yes! Thank you! I could not say it better or more succinctly.

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FarFarAway said...

Hi Iriri! I'm highly flattered that you thought so much of my post. It was written in anger, so I'm glad that it came across coherently. That issue is a recently settled one for me and my MDs, and seeing it discounted by people who obviously had no farking clue what they were talking about raised my hackles, big time.

Thank you so very much for the TotalFark sponsoring! That is awesome! That blew my mind when I checked Fark this morning. You rock! :)