Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The love of two males

"Merrrow?" Dom asked, the little trill in his voice drawn out in the middle. I looked into his bright eyes, the color of peridot, and he did the "cat smile", where they squint their eyes a little and perk up their whiskers. He was in Sphinx position, and he stretched out one paw toward me. How could I resist? I gave him some ear scritches, then looked over to see Aakhu frowning at us. Aakhu jumped down from Brian's desk and gave me The Butt, refusing to acknowledge me as I called his name.

Aakhu has been so jealous of the attention I give Dom, and I wish he were more secure, but I'm not going to neglect Dom for the sake of Aakhu's jealousy. I got up and followed Aakhu, scooped him up, and carried him off to the bed. He at first refused to even look at me; you know how cats do when they are upset with you, where they pretend that you don't exist. If you're holding them, they are a dead weight, and they act like it's an invisible force holding them up in the air. Nobody does the cold shoulder better than cats, and Aakhu is particularly talented.

I wrapped him up in my arms and nuzzled his temples while scritching his shoulders and neck. Before long, I coalesced into existence (in his eyes), and I had achieved Purr. I hung out with him like that for a good fifteen minutes before he decided he was done. When he's done, he doesn't get pissy or anything, he just drops hints. He's a great cat in so many ways; he also lets me do pretty much anything I want to him (belly rubs, nail clipping, embarrassing poses) without a fuss. Often, the more embarrassing it is, the harder he purrs. He's a real mushball, but he does get jealous and pissy. Kind of like his mom, I suppose!

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