Monday, May 28, 2007

Tough Days

I had a very unfortunate recent experience with someone that very nearly sent me spiraling back into hell. I was refusing food, weighing myself, and even bought some of that African herb to curb appetite. Thanks to my wonderful spouse, and going back to read the entries in many of my favorite blogs, I'm okay now.

I am still very angry, though, that people feel that it is a good idea to tell others to diet and lose weight. Angrier, still, that they would say that to someone who has struggled with an eating disorder.

The person had misconstrued my writings on fat discrimination--she believed that I was complaining about how I look. This resulted in some very catty, snide remarks that included misinformation about fat being a choice, not at all genetic, and that I should "do something" about my fat instead of complaining.

If you are fat, you aren't allowed to defend yourself. You aren't allowed to speak out when you face discrimination. We're told to change the situation by changing our bodies instead of trying to promote new thinking. I hope, however, that by speaking out regardless of people like her, I will help change a few minds. We can turn the tide, I think, because people are starting to wake up. They're tired of torturing themselves for unattainable goals. They're tired of being poked and prodded by doctors, teachers, and complete strangers.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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carrie said...


Yep, my dear. Days will be tough. I'm glad that your spouse and blogs got you through. I've been in a rough spot recently too, and just reading some encouraging stuff online always helps.

Ick. Cattiness. I've been there! It's horrible, especially when it's about weight.