Thursday, May 17, 2007

For those taking Levoxyl (a thyroid medication)

If you are taking the thyroid medication Levoxyl (as I am), you can get a coupon from their website for free pills:

If you sign up, they'll let you print the coupon out, and you can use it to get 30 pills of any strength for free. You can use it twice more, at 90-day intervals, so that you essentially get 90 pills for free.

Every little bit helps, right?


Rachel said...

Is that the generic of Synthroid? My doc prescribed Synthroid and she told me NOT to get the generic, because it's actually not as effective.

Anonymous said...

Levoxyl is not a generic. It is an alternate form of synthetic thyroid hormone. It is also a "brand" form. I know because I take it but don't do as well on Synthroid. I don't know why, I just don't. A curious thing that they've discovered over recent years is that soy and soy based products may decrease the amount of thyroid hormone you are getting from your medication. Also, some foods may be goiteragentic. (sorry, my spelling is horrible today) Such as raw broccoli, but that they are fine once they've been steamed or boiled. They're also fine raw as long as they aren't eaten in excess. (As I often would, oops.) So if you are having inconsistent labwork with your TSH levels even though you are taking your meds consistently, that may be something to look into. I found that once I started cutting out the soy, putting a four hour window between dairy (also other high calcium foods) and my levoxyl dosage and watching the other goiteragenic foods, my TSH levels finally started to come closer to normal.

Of course it helped that I finally started seeing one of the best endocrinologists in the nation and I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. So that helps too. Knowing that when my ANA titer is up my TSH is going to be up as well, regardless of the medication. It's nice though, not being blamed anymore for being "non-compliant" when I KNOW I was taking my meds and had witnesses. Now I have explanation for why I was blamed for over a decade. It still hurts though.

Sorry for the rant. Hope I had some info that was new or helped.

Hypothyroidism is something of a pet cause for me. I was diagnosed when I was 20 and had symptoms since I was 12 and no one thought to test me for it because, well, it just doesn't happen to girls that young. Yeah, right.