Saturday, May 26, 2007

Now I've heard it all...

"Secondhand Obesity"

Yes, my being FAT is affecting the people in the room and making THEM fat, according to this crazy lady:

Meet MeMe Roth, a rabid anti-fat crusader who uses junk science and irrational fatphobia to justify her cause. She's a lot like a fat-hating Ann Coulter, saying some pretty crazed and hateful things and engaging in some pretty wacky behavior.

She was once arrested at a YMCA for going up to a table with some food (they were celebrating some event, and they had ice cream and toppings to offer their members as part of the celebration) and trying to dump it all in the garbage. She encourages others to do the same in similar situations, but warns that "their misguided devotion to overeaters may result in a struggle and even a call to the police."

She's boycotting Redbook for their size positive March cover story. She's boycotting Girl Scout Cookies because they have calories. She has these nutty "Wedding Dress Challenges" where she gets thin women together, has them put on their old wedding dresses, and parades them through Central Park. She's of the opinion that a person should never gain weight as they age. It's too bad she doesn't know about the protective function of fat in older people. Then again, maybe it's not too bad...

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