Monday, August 27, 2007

Blog flog

I've put up a new post at my cooking blog:

I started Lady of Shallots in Livejournal, and I am going to eventually rewrite the existing material over there and post it in blogspot. The mashed potato article, however, is brand new. :)

Imagine, a cooking blog that isn't devoted to "How to make food with no calories at all! Use styrofoam and pencil erasers to fool yourself into being full!"



JeanC said...

LOL, I hate blogs that talk food and cooking and insists on obsessing about calories or how good it is for you and all that crap. I try an avoid all that, with the exception if I am talking recipes for a specific health concern (diabetics, gluten free, etc) and even then I avoid going terribly over board with details.

Vive42 said...

oh c'mon! styrofoam and pencil erasers are the best part! and besides they add much needed toxins to a well balanced diet.