Monday, August 6, 2007

What we cannot do

EDIT: If you are here from Fark, and you're just going to be an asshole, don't bother, okay? I know you think it's oh-so-cute to be mean to people and hurt their feelings, but it's not. I don't know who linked to this entry or why, but I'm really not interested in being verbally abused by a bunch of cruel jerks whose idea of entertainment is to see if they can torture a person into shooting themselves in the head.

EDIT 2: Many thanks to the admins at Fark, who were kind enough to remove the link to this entry--one that I had not submitted, and would not have wanted submitted.

I was thinking about the things that a fat person cannot do without others looking down on them or making mean comments. Here is my list; feel free to add to it!

- eat any food, even "healthy" food

- express a feeling of hunger

- shop for groceries (you should see the comments on "customers suck" type websites)

- engage in athletic activity ("ewww look at all that fat jiggling")

- exercise in a gym or other public place ("who do you think you're kidding?")

- shop for clothing ("YOUR size is over THERE")

- wear revealing clothing ("ewww gross")

- wear overly casual clothing (we get called slobs, while skinny people get a pass on wearing sweatpants in public)

- be sick ("maybe if you'd lose weight, you would be healthy")

- go to a doctor or emergency room ("It looks like you have a broken nose. You should lose weight.")

- date someone who is not fat ("what is wrong with him, doesn't he notice?" "he can do better than that"), especially someone who is regarded as good-looking (even a good-looking fat man is regarded as dating beneath his station if he dates a fat girl)

- use a wheelchair ("maybe if you weren't so lazy, you'd lose weight")

- watch television (see above quote!)

- be wrong about something (stupidity is often attributed to fat people)

- rest or take a break from work or other activity (fat = lazy, you know)

- enjoy a treat ("if you didn't eat that ice cream cone, you'd lose weight")

- eat fast food, even though people of all sizes eat fast food; god forbid you ever get hungry, and need to get food in a hurry due to time constraints.

- drink soda, even diet. You can't win--if you order a diet soda, they make fun of you for "kidding yourself". If you order a regular one, it's the reason you're fat.

- be clumsy (Obviously, thin people are never clumsy, and that is the reason my thin husband absolutely does not stub his toe three times a day minimum--oh wait, he does! I'm amazed he still has toes LEFT)

- have or adopt children, OR decide to not have children (no-win just like everything else in our lives)

- have a bad day, ever

Very cool--I've been clipmarked!

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