Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Cats are ridiculous

So, the spouse and I were away for MAYBE 36 hours total this weekend. Our very kind, gentle, kitty-loving friend KT came by to dispense cat food and cat cuddles several times during our absence.

When we returned, the cats acted like we had left a cat-beating maniac in charge of them. The girls were, of course, fine. They always are. But my boys, Dom and Aakhu, were total jerks.

Aakhu refused to even look at me. If I picked him up, he pretended I was not there. He has this amazing ability to completely deny my presence even while I am holding him and kissing him on his head. This is accomplished by staring pissily over my shoulder, refusing to make eye contact, and being a total dead weight in my arms. It took him a full day to decide I was worthy of being acknowledged again.

Dom wasn't quite as bad, but almost. He'd make eye contact, but in this feral, wary, "omg are you going to try to eat me?" way. If I touched him at all, he had to immediately back away and frantically lick the spot I'd touched, all the while eyeing me warily. If I picked him up, he struggled to get free and quickly groomed himself. He was mostly fine in the morning, but damn! NOBODY can do passive aggressive like these two. Not even my darling husband*.

*love you, honey :)


Andee said...

Did they TELL you you could leave? I bet not, and you left anyway! How dare you not be there to watch them sleep for 14 hours a day? Is there really anything better to do than that?

Andee/Meowser (kitty slave)

Lindsay said...

Gah, my cats are quite similar, but prefer to take their passive aggression out on us in other methods. Whenever i clean up a room, or even part of a room, they have to skulk around, sniff it like they've never been there, and be all skittish for a few hours.

Because obviously, cleaning means we don't love them anymore. Goofy kitties.