Wednesday, August 8, 2007

She's how old?!

That is a 13-year-old girl. She's 12 in most of the pictures.

She had liposuction done because she tried like hell to lose weight with diet and exercise, and it didn't work. She may be getting a lap band. My opinions on those subjects aside, does anyone else notice that she looks like a twentysomething? It's not just the makeup making her look that way, it's her mature facial structure and curves too.

I'm reminded of people with gigantism*, whose pituitary glands go haywire and cause them to grow out of control, beyond what is normal, until they are seven feet tall or more, except it seems like her body is trying to be very sexually mature at a young age. I wonder if they did endocrine testing to see if she's producing massive amounts of estrogen or something. Or, maybe she's just genetically inclined to mature early if she has adequate nutrition. Hard to say.

*Yes, I am aware of the chronic pain and health problems of people with gigantism.

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