Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Please don't

Someone submitted one of my entries to a well-known site that is filled with fat-hating Internet Tough Guys. I received some very cruel comments, and thanks to my site statistics, was able to figure out where the heck they were coming from.

If you want to pass a link along to someone who might be actually interested in this blog's content, or to a relevant site, hey, that's cool. But please, for the sake of my feelings, I'd prefer not to have this site submitted to f***.com again, 'k?

The site's owner was very sweet and removed the link for me, and I appreciate that quite a bit. He's a good guy. :)


mo pie said...

I loved your original post and sorry you got bashed for it. It's absolutely true.

RioIriri said...

Thanks mo :) I replaced the content after Drew (yes, THE Drew, Fark's owner) was sweet enough to remove the link from Fark.

shutterbug74 said...

It sucks you got bashed. But unfortunately it's part of the whole blogging thing.

Those guys who bashed you probably have really small testicles and drive big trucks/SUVS.