Friday, August 17, 2007

Webcomics I like: 5ideways and Friendly Hostility.

If you are not already a reader of 5ideways, you should be.

It's surreal, beautiful, and disturbing. It updates rarely but regularly, and I feel the results are worth the wait. Do NOT start at the end; it will not make sense. Start here, at the beginning:

The creator also has a more frequently updated comic called Friendly Hostility. That, too, is worthwhile, but is not AS surreal. It may be more offensive to some sensitive types than 5ideways., what with the baby-eating jokes and rampant trisexuality. I also recommend starting FH at the beginning, because it's too awesome to miss out on that stuff. FH is funny as hell, while 5ideways is more suspenseful and captivating.

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