Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Brief update

I haven't abandoned y'all; I have just not been feeling great. Fibro fog and pain have my sleep schedule flipped, and my wellspring of inspiration is running dry because of the mental static.

Yesterday, I found myself in full-body agony, and I was so discombobulated by it that I actually forgot to take pain medication for it. I finally remembered when the spouse and I were already on our way to our friends' house, which made for an interesting evening.

Once we got home, I managed to remember the pill, and soaked in a hot bath. What I discovered was that the main source of my agony was my right leg and lower back; they hurting so badly that they just radiated waves of pain through my entire being. Once I'd fought back a little, and figured out the source, I was able to have my husband massage out some of it. I occasionally get a cramp that extends from big toe to coccyx, and it thwacks the hip, knee, and ankle on its way up and down. I often ask to be shot while enduring one of these. Putting on a light compression stocking does help (18-20 mmHg), but time is generally the only thing that fixes it completely.

So that's what I've been up to. I also have a new foster kitten, but he will be in a whole new post about him!

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