Sunday, January 27, 2008

Consider helping out

We are currently not doing very well financially. If you enjoy reading my blog, and you would like to help our family out a little, I have a couple of options available to help.

The first one is a Paypal donation button:

Everyone who donates will get a handwritten thank you note from me, as long as an address is provided.

The second way you can help us out is my Etsy shop, to the right, which has photography for sale. If there is a photo you have seen that is not in the shop, let me know, and I will get a print made and matted for you to purchase.

I gave up on doing "sponsored posts", partly because I didn't want to write such fake garbage, and partly because the Pay-per-post seemed to be looking for any excuse to not pay people. I would, however, be more than happy to tackle a requested topic in return for a reasonable donation.

Thank you, everyone.

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