Friday, January 25, 2008


It's Friday, so instead of writing something, I'm just going to post some pictures I've taken recently.

My festivum cichlid:
Day 23

Aakhu, my ebony ticked silver ocicat:
Day 23

Day 25

Ptera (white) and Anya (ginger), my kittens:
Day 24

Steel-cut oats:
Day 22

Brian cuddling with foster kitten Owl:
Day 20

Awesome tofu stir fry I made the other day:
Day 19

Ptera and Anya's paws--Ptera has extra toes!
Day 13


JeanC said...

Nice pics. Your gum ball pic has given me an idea. I've been learning how to do color cut outs using GIMP and I think it would be fun to do gum balls and have only one color come thru (in the pic I have done I just did one item). Have to get me some gum balls and do some picture takin' this weekend hehehehehe

annaham said...

Looking at that stir-fry is making me hungry. :-P