Monday, January 21, 2008

Is it Monday already?

Sorry for the weekend hiatus. My husband has the weekends off for about the next month or so, and we spend this past one doing stuff together. One activity was taking Owl to the adoption clinics; he was not adopted, but maybe next weekend! Once he finds a home, two of his siblings will come into our care. Brian has a stronger bond with Owl than I do, so he was better at comforting the little munchkin while I worked out my volunteer schedule with the coordinator. We also did some catsitting for a friend, spent time together watching some DVDs, and enjoyed each others' company.

Meanwhile, I have had some nasty comments here, and I want to take the time to state that, while I believe in freedom of expression, I don't believe that it requires me to give someone a forum to be uncivil to me in my own space. You don't go into a biker bar and bitch about how stupid and offensive tattoos and motorcycles are. You don't go to the gay bar and whine that homosexuality is evil. You want to say that stuff? Find a place to do so with your peers, without invading and intruding upon others. Want to complain that fat people are icky? Make your own blog. That kind of crap isn't welcome in mine.

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