Thursday, January 17, 2008

I am so disgusted that I won't be eating for the next week, thanks.

**Strong Language Warning--I am very (full fat mozzarella, fuck you very much) cheesed off*

What the HELL is wrong with [celebrity chef who is doing an autopsy of a 400-lb man on television, but I sure as hell won't give him the satisfaction of repeating his name, and adding to his google hits]?!

This has got to be the sickest form of attention whoring EVER. I think it tops tubgirl and goatse combined. Rabid Fatphobic Chef, get the FUCK over yourself and have a fucking cupcake; your apparent starvation-induced psychosis is really getting out of hand.

And, I'm sorry, but nobody who is 400lbs "eats himself to death". There had to be underlying causes for a person to gain that much weight--causes that probably went unchecked and untreated because of yet another goddamned idiot doctor who is too fucking bigoted to give proper care to fat patients beyond "eat less and exercise more."

Screw you, celebrity chef. I wish NAAFA could arrange to have five million cream pies thrown in your stupid smarmy little face, because that is the only way a person ACTUALLY is going to drown in fat.

And stay out of kids' lunches--you are only making them binge by trying to deny them treats, dumbass. There are studies to show that.


Andee said...

This is similar to the Body Worlds exhibit they recently had at OMSI and other museums, where they had cross-sections of dead bodies and when they got to the fat guy, they had to mention that he died at 50 because he was so FAAAAAT. (It was not specified at what age any of the other "participants" had passed away.)

I'm with you, Rio, I've had it up to my teeth with this shit, and I weigh (very slightly) less than half of what that woman does. I don't care, it's not okay to make people of any size into freak shows. I doubt she or her family ever gave permission for her body to be used in that way.

Andee (Meowser)

Andee said...

Sorry, I meant "that man," not "that woman."

Anonymous said...

I have to get this out of my system, and I know it isn't going to be very P.C., so yeah, you've been warned.

Turns out the guy who's going to do the dissection, is the guy who created plastination and the Body World's exhibit. I don't know, I mean as a Jewish person. I feel almost like he's coming out and saying, he's a Nazi. I mean being so about judging people for not being an Ubermenschen (perfect man in German, uh, I think). He agrees with Jamie's paranoid theories on being fat.

It really disappoints me. Not only cause I previously had respect for this guy. I wonder how the Germans must feel about this. Another fellow German, ressurecting all the angst held against them for WW2 by behaving like a Nazi. If I were German, I'd be mighty pissed.

I suppose the only possible good thing that could come out of this. Is if Rammstein wrote a song about it. Heh.

RioIriri said...

I was going to point that out to andee, who commented on being reminded of the plastination exhibits.

And I very much understand where you are coming from, especially considering your heritage. You need make no apologies--after all, I didn't hold back how I felt. I encourage you to vent as you like.

Mercurior said...

i am not surprised at old mockney git face. he has turned being achef into a joke into a side show.

did you notice mockney was lit under his face.. a well known tv trick to make people look thinner.

whats to bet he brings out a diet book after this. old' mockney disgusts me.

Thorny said...

I agree. I'm so disappointed about this. I'd previously been a fan of Unnamed Celebrity Chef Jerkwad (UCCJ), and was all excited about his new show. Now I find out about this, and discover he's pulled other stunts I hadn't known about, and well... so much for that.

I guess I'll find a cooking show with someone less hate-mongering to Tivo.

Mercurior said...

i just sent a complaint into the supermarket he is a spokesman for.

will see what is done probably nothing but why not

mumboj said...

Picking up on something you said Mecurior, I'd love to know his BMI because I'm sure in would be over 25, not that there's anything wrong with that, but like the prime minister making noises about withdrawing health care from fat people, do as I say not as I do. Also, straight after the programme they advertised his cookery show with the tag line 'fall in love with food again', as they say, you couldn't make it up.

caragardner383 said...

"'d love to know his BMI because I'm sure in would be over 25"

Having just watched the Iron Chef America celebrity special with Jamie Oliver, I'd have to agree. It's interesting to me because it fits my suspicion that sometimes the Fear (oh noes! Fat!!!!) is a very personal matter.

I always thought his work on the school dinners project was positive, though - I didn't see a 'no sweets, kiddies, muahaha' bias, more of a 'oi, government, stop feeding our kids cheap, processed crap and start giving them real, hand-made food'. But, then, I didn't watch the whole series.

RaisinCookies said...

I feel the same. I blogged about this myself (and funnily enough, we use the same format):

Shelves in my Mind

Screw celebrity chefs. Pass the baby donuts.

Rachel said...

I see this as kind of the modern day equivalent of the circus freak show, only now it's being touted as "science." Yeah, eugenics was once thought to be "science," too.

Mercurior said...

the bmi is based on insurance detials set in the 1920's really, this was a time of famine after the 1st world war.

what happened in the schools, is that the kids didnt eat his food, they found it disgusting, so a lot of the children didnt even have any hot meals at all. and thats so much better isnt it.

even the kids were calling him names. they didnt ask the children what they wanted. it was a forced "healthy" choice which wasnt a choice itself.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for understanding rioiriri. I didn't really know if it would be ok, because alot of people don't want posters saying Nazi in their posts. Since apperantly, Germans can't even look up a website now with the word Nazi in it. Which I respect, that they have done so much to prevent any positivity associated with Nazism.

Mercurior said...

i lost family in germany they were jewish too, and i found nothing wrong with the posts and comments here.

its when people try to avoid the links that may be there, as happened on another blog, uncomfortable truths are still the TRUTH.

theres such a negative image of fat people, a sort of if your fat you must be morally defective, or you wouldnt be fat, fat people are lazy they eat like pigs etc.. as if we are somehow less than human that we shouldnt be treated for medical problems some not related to being fat, same with smoking, and eating meat and .. and.. and.. a sort of sub class is being created to make the " perfect" ubermenschen society, and anyone who dont follow the party line becomes fair game (fat or smokers or whatever group is the nemesis of the day). what would happen if they said instead of fat it was skin colour. the outcry, but fat must be a choice, because who would choose to be fat, when thin is best (sarcasm)

which is a curious rehash of certain things in certain times.

Ndizhone said...

ooooh, I wrote him a long letter and said that not only is his vocabulary shockingly limited, but he's a punter. And if you look at his dad as any indication, he might grow up to be one tubby punter himself.