Saturday, January 26, 2008

A favorite artist! Also, 250th post! yay!

Even though I am primarily a scientist, I have a strong love for art and literature. My husband is a professional picture framer, and we have an almost obnoxious amount of art on the walls. Many pieces are local artists--although some are local to other places, but still more famous regionally than otherwise. One example is Liza Phoenix, a Seattle artist whose work I fell in love with when I visited Pike Place Market; I have links to two of my favorites by her in the sidebar. Another example is Hannah Ingmire, an artist local to Hannibal, MO, which is 20 minutes from my hometown. I love Hannah because she was my preschool teacher, and she was the one who taught me to look for all colors in everything. Even a red apple has a little blue in it, if you're looking at it right.

So last night, I was sick*, and I missed out on Troy Night Out, which I'm sad about, because Bob Gullie was going to be there, and he is a really neat local artist. His stuff is really unique. Some of it is just lovely, while a lot of it is creepy and weird (that's my favorite stuff). He hand tints his photos, which is just cool. He did a "Stoop Project" a couple of years ago, and he had Brian make wood squares with nice edges, paint them black, and mount the pictures on them, and they turned out REALLY nicely--and I got a sneak peek at the photos in the project while Brian was putting it together. He makes me look like I take pictures with a 110 and a shaky pair of hands and my thumb in the way. The picture of him on his "about" page is all stern and frowny, which is hilarious, because he's the opposite of that.

Anyway, if you are local, I highly recommend following his work, and getting to a show if you can.

*Stomach bug. I don't even want to LOOK at food today. Food can just go to hell dammit.


Mercurior said...

this is a local painter from my home town her mother taught me at school.

go to galleries

Kat said...

COOL stuff. Usually don't care much for landscpes but I really like these.

Anonymous said...

This is cool stuff. I like the more surreal paintings too. It really makes your think about what they mean. Or just the idea that such odd things are placed together.

The paintings where there are horse heads on woman's bodies, reminded me alot of the artwork used for Goldfrapp's album Black Cherry.